There are many things to prepare for when thinking about the future if your children. One
of the biggest question you need to ask yourself is “What happens to your minor children if the
unexpected happens?”.

First, you must know that under Florida law, anyone that has interest in the welfare of a
minor, can petition the courts to become their guardians and become the guardian of the children
and any property and inheritance left to them by you or other parent. Family members and
friends can petition to become guardians to your children but the courts will have the final say.

How can you name your children’s guardian?
Would you be happy with just anyone taking guardianship of your children? Not only is
it scary to not know who would get custody, but this can start friends and family feuds that can
be avoided. Make your guardian choice known!
You, as the parent, have the rights to name the guardian as well as name the person that
you do NOT want to ever become a guardian to your children. When drafting your will, you can
name your children’s guardian. You can also name the property guardian, the person that will
manage your children’s assets for them until they come of age.

Why is it important to prepare for this?

Life is unpredictable and many unexpected things in our lives happen. Things that are out
of our hands. Planning for the unexpected is the best way to protect your children’s future.
Therefore, you must always….

Hope for the best, prepare for the worse

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