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We are here to help you through this chapter in your life

Chaya Posner Law is dedicated to helping you and your family prepare you in this stage of your life with elder law planning.

 Elder Law Planning

We are here to answer your questions.                           

  • What is the difference between Elder Law and Estate Law Planning?

                    Elder Law helps you and your family plan for your healthcare, home care, nursing home care and preserving your assets during your lifetime. It also                        includes decision-making documents that will provide your family with the guidance they need. While Estate planning focuses on what to do with                           your assets  after you pass away. 

  • At what age do I start contacting my attorney to start planning?

                    There is no specific age to start planning, however,  you should start planning around the age of 60 or older. The sooner the better!

  • How do I protect my assets?

                    Protecting your assets takes time and there are many options available. We help you choose what best works for you and your family. For example                             The Medicaid estate recovery policy, could put a lien on your property and are enforced in probate proceedings. We use a simple way to avoid probate                     by doing trusts or designation of beneficiaries and much more. 

We want to ensure that you live a long and healthy life while having financial security in place. We have to try to anticipate future medical needs which can include long-term care. You want to be prepare and plan your future medical care in case you become unable to make decisions later on.

We are here to help you understand the legal system for the elderly and prepare you to be able to face any issues that senior citizens can encounter.

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