Estate Planning 

Do you know what would happen legally- to you, your loved ones, your money, and everything else you care about – if something unexpected happened to you? If you don’t know what would happen for everyone you love and everything you own, then the first step is to find out exactly what would happen, legally and financially, so that you can decide if the current state of your affairs is okay with you.

How do we help?

We will sit down with you to educate you on how  to think about when planning for the well-being and care of your loved ones.  

We are qualified in the use of wills and trusts and other estate planning tools.  We achieve great comfort and success for our clients because we focus on the 

lifetime needs of our clients and then work that “lifetime plan” into how assets will be distributed upon death. 

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Estate planning could include all or some of the following
Last Will and Testament
Pour-Over Will
Health Care Surrogate
Durable Power of Attorney
Revocable Living Will

What does your estate consists of?

Your estate consists of your home, your car, your saving and checking accounts, your life insurance, your personal possessions, and so much more. Whether you have a large estate or a small estate, you must prepare for the unforeseeable future. You need to protect your estate and be able to say what you want to happen with your estate when you pass. 

What does your estate planning include?

* It includes your instructions on how to care for you in case you become incapacitated. 

*Names a guardian for your minor children.

*Provide support for your loved ones for when you are gone. 

*You can set up your personalized Will and Trust.

Photo by Romain Dancre