Statistically, the vast majority of Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSD) and SSI claims are denied at the initial claim and reconsideration levels. Therefore, most SSD and SSI claims will need to go to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) before a claimant can hope to receive disability benefits. It is at the level of an ALJ hearing that having a disability attorney to develop the case for you and advocate your needs is very important.

The attorney will tracking down important medical records and test results, obtaining detailed statements from a claimant’s treating physicians, and, at the time of the hearing, applying a thorough understanding of SSA regulations and prior rulings to the disability adjudication process.

Chaya Posner is in a unique position to help you because not only does she understand disability as an attorney, she has over thirteen years experience as an occupational therapist helping people with disabilities.

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