Helping you protect the people you love

What can you do to help the people in your life that have special needs and facilitate their quality of life?

Here are a few things that we can help you do....

  1. Choose the trustees of your special needs trust. 
  2. Prepare your estate plan with your special needs child in mind. 
  3. Help you prepare for your special need child a college savings plan or life insurance. 
  4. Help you appoint the right person to step in and take care of your special need child. 

A special needs child or adult that has mental or physical disabilities that receives public monetary benefits would only have the bare necessities. If you provide for a special needs child or adult and have thought about what will happen to them when you are no longer able to provide for them, then you are not alone and now is that time to start planning. We can do a special needs trust that will leave specific instructions on medical check-ups and facility, designated funds, special dietary needs, personal care, and so much more.

A special needs trust is one of the most important parts of your estate planning if you provide for a child or adult with special needs. This trust will help you provide for your loved one after your passing and give you peace of mind today. An inheritance that your special need child/adult receives could cause them to lose their benefits. With our knowledge on special needs planning, we can work on trying to avoid this, there are options that allow you or family members to gift to them without causing their benefits to be taken away. A special needs trust is important to protect the assets for the benefit of the beneficiary and so that the assets do not count as income for the special needs child/adult. 

Once a special needs child turns 18, you must considered whether establishing a power of attorney, health care surrogate, and guardianship might be appropriate. We have to determine what would be the best foundation to establish for that special needs person to keep their independence, given their circumstances. Does that 18 year old have the ability to work or will they need full-time health care? Will they live at home or will they be at a facility? 

There are so many questions that you may have and we are happy to answer them. We know that you, as the guardian, face many challenges daily. We are here to make the process easy by developing plans for financial and long-term care for your special need child or adult. 

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